With snow still part of the forecast, it can be hard to think about things like lawn maintenance early in the springtime.  However, it is the perfect time to attack a certain opportunist from overtaking over your property.  Crabgrass sounds sweet and innocent but can easily make your lawn its home if not properly quarantined at the beginning of the spring.  Destroying the time and money put into your homes beautiful landscape.

What Actually Is Crabgrass?

Crabgrass is actually the name given to a group of grasses.  There are some that are completely harmless and grow pastorally.  Some are even added to beer to ferment.  However, the type that grows wild in your lawn is actually a pest.  The pesky weed can produce over 100,000 seeds during the spring that will germinate and take over a lawn.  Lawns with poor drainage, infrequent watering, and those that have unhealthy soil are highly susceptible to this pest.  During the fall the crabgrass will die leaving behind large dead areas in the lawn.

How to Prevent an Infestation

In order to have a lush green lawn proper maintenance is always needed.  Fighting Crabgrass can feel like an uphill battle as there are many steps to tackling what is already there and preventing new grass from growing.  When it comes to keeping this lawn intruder at bay not only will the current Crabgrass need to be killed, the plants will have to be removed.  Soil health is also important as the healthier the soil, the less likely Crabgrass will grow.  Lawns should be cut to a length that is not too short.  Short lawns are breeding grounds for this pest. Knowing the lawns drainage is also important because the over-moist soil is the perfect condition for Crabgrass. Having the right watering schedule is a key to protecting your investment in your lawn. 

Early spring is the best time to start to tackle one of your lawn’s major enemies.  The earlier in spring, the less time seeds have had time to spread and germinate. 

If Crabgrass was a problem last year, chances are it will be a bigger one this year.  That means the efforts this year will be about controlling the pest so that next year your lawn will be as healthy as possible.

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