Lawn Maintenance Doesn’t End in Spring

Lawn maintenance may consist of a series of mowing, fertilizer applications and watering. Although, as we say goodbye to the spring rain and welcome the summer heat, It appears there is much more that needs to be put into your lawn to ensure protection for the first frost. Alongside other special applications, pest controls are a crucial factor of a rich, healthy lawn.

What are Grubs and Chinch Bugs?

Grubs and chinch bugs are known as notorious lawn killers. Grubs are the larvae of June beetles, chafers, Japanese beetles and others. Chinch bugs are plant eating ground bugs, always looking for a lawn take over. What they look for on the lawn depends on where it is in its life cycle, the time of year or the quality of the lawn. While brown grass spots are red flags for the home of grubs and chinch bugs, the dying grass could be of a separate cause. It is important to have a professional/specialist inspect the lawn to confirm the problem was a cause of the bugs and not a chemical (fertilizer) or dog patch issue.

Effects of Grubs and Chinch Bugs

These small, hard-to-see bugs damage grass blades and the lawn at its roots. While the weather heats up, your lawn requires more and more nutrients, also as it grows. Grubs and chinch bugs search for those nutrients within its roots, sucking the life out of your lawn, leaving those spots to dry out and die. These spots become a home for the bugs  While grubs often appear in mid to late June, their damage isn’t normally seen for about two months after it is done. As for Chinch bugs, their damage is usually detected much earlier. They turn even the greenest grass brown if not treated early.

Animals and other insects prey on grubs chinch bugs as they dig into the lawn.

Prevention is Key

Preventing grub and chinch infestations is key to the best lawn maintenance. Feed Ur Lawn can and will analyze your lawn and determine the best course of action in deterring these tiny pests. They are well versed in keeping these bugs from setting up a permanent home in your lawn, restore damaged grass into healthy, lush, green grass and more.

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