If you have invested hundreds upon thousands of dollars into a lush green lawn, why would you let it return to a dry pasture from improper lawn maintenance including lack or watering?  The best way to protect your investment is by making sure your lawn is watered thoroughly whether through underground sprinkler or by traditional watering through a hose and sprinkler attachment.

SprinklerBoth methods have advantages and disadvantages so you will need to pick the one that works best for you and your lifestyle.  An underground sprinkler system is the more costly option but allows you the freedom to set it up and water your lawn at a set time every day.  An underground sprinkler also allows for you to have different zones throughout your lawn for different watering schedules.  One drawback is that once the system is in place it is difficult to change and you will have to hire a professional if you change your landscape.

With a traditional hose and sprinkler attachment you have a more budget friendly option that will still get the job done.  Also, it allows you to easily move it around your lawn if you change your landscape or you notice that some areas need are requiring more or less water, plus in the summer months it is great entertainment or the kids!  However, not all aspects of this method are home owner favorites, it does require time because you will have to move the sprinkler around.

Watering your lawn also requires timing, when should you water?  While we typically recommend the morning to our clients, it is always best to consult Feed Ur Lawn if you have
any questions.  Not only does time of day factor in to watering your lawn but also what season you are in and what type of grass your lawn has. These are all factors that determine how much and how long you need to water your landscaping investment.

Don’t forget that each part of your landscape has its own watering needs.  Separate from your lawn, shrubbery and plants needs to be watered differently.  Shrubs and trees require a lot less water than the lawn itself often just a few times a week.  However, in the winter months if there has been little to know precipitation, they will need a watering to keep their roots moist even in the cold months.

Flowers and other gardens are also very different than the main lawn.  Flowers such as tender impatiens need to be watered gently multiple times a day in order to keep them alive and full. There are also difference between perennials and annuals so, it is important to know how much they need as well.

If you have any questions it is best to ask your Feed Ur Lawn representative and find a system that work for you whether it be underground sprinkler or traditional hose and sprinkler attachment.  No matter which way you go, you will be protecting the foundation of your landscape and keeping your investment intact and looking its best.